Volatile Organic Compound ‘VOC’ emissions

Wiseman products distributed in North America provide all relevant SDS, MSDS and VOC sheets relevant to each product.

The VOC fact sheet is specifically there for those in the surface coating industry to help them estimate annual volatile organic compound (VOC) air emissions related to any one product.

They are a set of calculations using the Mass Balance Approach. The assumption is that all volatiles including VOC’s in any particular coating are emitted in to the air given they went in in the first instance. The calculations are certifying the quantity of VOC that will be released by a coating.

Reference Method 24 or its constituent methods developed by the American Society For Testing And Materials (ASTM), are the procedures by which the VOC content of a coating will be determined for compliance with Federal Regulations.

Should you require a VOC sheet, please fill in the Enquiry Form with as much information surrounding your request as possible. The relevant person will then be able to contact you to discuss your requirements.