Water Treatment

Our Central Heating Additives in descaling and corrosion inhibitors are designed for both tank and tankless heater systems. Our range covers inhibitors, clensers, sealers descalers and flushing. Recently developed ‘Thermoboost‘ adds a unique energy saving additive to this range.

Drain Cleaning & Descaling

Our Scientists have been working on drain clearing and descaling products for over 25 years, providing some of the leading products on the market. Excessive use of oils, fats, dishwashing, showering and sink waste disposals means blockages are more frequent and the rise of germs and bacteria as a bi-product. Some of the most stringent environmental laws now require products to not only be strong and effective but environmentally safe and 100% biodegradable. Our products meet the toughest standards, delivering outstanding results based on top grade ingredients.


Health and Safety regulations of public places continues to grow and as such the cleaning products that need to be used must not just clean and disinfect but address the spread of harmful health threatening illnesses from easily transferable germs and bacteria. At the same time authorities are demanding products that are environmentally safe and 100% degradable. Our product ranges from unblocking, descaling, cleaning and disinfecting, give you peace of mind where health and safety is paramount.


Our Renewable products retain professional grade formulas using top grade chemicals that are re-engineered to meet ever evolving demands to limit their environmental impact through the supply chain, from ingredients sourced to their use and release into the eco-system.

Medigrade Antibacterial Products

The MediGrade ProTM range is an extension of our years

manufacturing high grade bactericidal action products for heavy duty cleaning and skin care protection for all environments with heavy footfall and cross contamination areas including, medical, leisure, entertainment etc.