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Latest news from Wiseman

ThermoBoosts amazing performance justifies its exhaustive 7 year development.

The official launch of ThermoBoost, the energy saving heating system additive has already been welcomed by plumbers merchant groups and independent outlets eager to capitalise on the ability of ThermoBoost to maximise the heating capability and overall performance of any water based heating system. No other product in the market comes close to offering the […]

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SupaClens brings Nano Scrub technology to Heating System Cleansing

Wiseman SupaClens incorporates the very latest in Nano Scrub Technology to offer massively improved cleansing performance when using a power flush. The high flow rate activates the Nano Scrub SupaClens to offer a performance bettering old style strong acidic cleanser with a completely neutral and safe solution. Results are readily visible in use and combined […]

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Heavy Side division launches Indian Stone Sealer

Wiseman Industries Heavy side coatings division has launched a dedicated Natural Stone Sealer for Indian Stone, York Stone and other natural stone that whilst protecting the surface from water ingress and other staining (red wine, barbecue fats) allows a level of air permeability to prevent ‘sedimentary shear’ or ‘coating shock’ common when natural stone is […]

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Wiseman Industries Ltd are very happy to announce we have attained ‘The Building Confidence’ certification

A quality assurance scheme, The Building Confidence qualification run by Achilles goes a long way to providing additional assurances to our customers and end users that Wiseman Industries Ltd meet and have exceeded the auditing checks required to attain this certification.

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Loobelle becomes the natural Bleach alternative

Reformulated LooBelle has become the natural bleach alternative of choice. Its thickened formulation provides the perfect alternative for bleach down loo’s particularly when you have a septic tank at the other end of your drainage system. The natural chemicals in Loobelle not only provide excellent cleaning and disinfection but are also much kinder to the […]

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