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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wiseman Industries manufacture all its own Chemicals?

YES. Wiseman Industries prides itself on only selling products manufactured in our own factories, where we are able to control all the raw materials required for some very rigorous specifications.

Where can I buy the products seen on this site?

Wiseman Industries supplies direct to the retailer and wholesaler. The majority of Wiseman products are found in all good builders’ merchants, plumbing merchants, industrial and janitorial supply shops.

If I qualify for buying direct, what would be the minimum order?

The minimum order for supply is generally four cases of mixed product.

Would someone be available to visit me?

Yes, just contact a member of our Nationwide Sales force by calling us on 0844 567 1212 or emailing us.

Does Wiseman operate an environmental policy?

Wiseman Industries Ltd has always operated a strict code of practice in regards to protecting our planet. We do not vent any substance to the atmosphere and we always use the most Eco-friendly base products in production. All waste is recycled and all packaging is reused. We are particularly keen to see that our staff have a pleasant environment in which to work.


Specific problems FAQs

Do Wisemans manufacture a product that will:
Remove limescale?
YES Evershower descaler harmlessly dissolves Limescale on contact.
Clean my gold taps?
YES Evergold. Spray on, wipe off.
Quieten my noisy radiator?
YES Everad system silencer.
Unblock my sink?
YES Dambuster liquid drain opener
Clean the pipework in my Whirlpool bath?
YES Spa-Kleen
Remove oil from my driveway?
YES Oil-Buster. Spray on, wash off.
Remove the white salt staining on my brickwork?
YES Use Brickie to permanently remove efflorescence staining.
Remove unsightly graffiti?
YES Use our graffiti cleaner, Gerroff.