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  • Heavy duty hand cleaner
  • A natural, heavy duty cleanser that removes oil, putty, paint, plaster, tar, mortar and grease from hands and skin
  • Contains polygrains for deep cleansing
  • Conditions the skin and forms a natural protection against chapping
  • Water soluble, non-flammable and contains no harmful solvents
  • Available in easy dispense 500ml bottles


  • Skin barrier cream
  • Creates a protective layer on hands and skin to protect them from chemicals and water that could irritate or chap the skin
  • Ideal for use if your hands are sore or blister
  • Antiseptic, non-silicone, food safe and biodegradable
  • Contains skin conditioners and can be used as a general hand cream
  • Use in both wet and dry applications
  • For use when a barrier cream is recommended by The Health and Safety at Work Act
  • Available in handy 500ml bottles


  • Stain remover
  • Removes tar, grease, oil, rust, wine, ink and general soiling from carpets, clothing and upholstery
  • Contains no harmful solvents
  • Available in 500ml trade packs
Metal Plumber

Metal Plumber

  • Metal cleaner
  • Cream cleanser for copper, stainless steel, brass and chrome
  • Removes green verdigris from copper pipework
  • Can be used to prepare metal surfaces prior to painting, as it quickly removes rust and other residues
  • Handy 500ml pack
Plastic Plumber

Plastic Plumber

  • General plastics cleaner
  • Cleans plastic, fibreglass and acrylic baths, basins, shower trays and pool liners
  • Removes silicone slip agents and cleans interior and exterior pipework
  • Ideal for cleaning and sanitising plastic cladding and plastic garden furniture
  • Restores the original sheen
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Available in 1 litre spray bottle


  • Anti-bacterial hand soap
  • Best quality liquid soap
  • Medicated to aid healing

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